Tips on Creating Instant Curb Appeal

Tips on Creating Instant Curb AppealCurb appeal is a vital part of successfully selling your house. The exterior of a house and its surrounding property is a visual invitation to the buyer to enter the home. If your curb appeal is not inviting, potential buyers may not even walk in the front door to see all of what your home has to offer. This checklist is intended as a guide to help homeowners focus on areas that will attract buyers to view the interior Read more

A Quick Property Sale For Cash Works

A Quick Property Sale For Cash WorksOne of the main requirements that people will have to deal with when it comes to getting a quick property sale in the UK for cash is to make sure that one’s home is in the UK. This is a requirement that is important for anyone to see when getting a property sold off quickly. This requirement is needed so a good sale can be handled quickly in the UK.

A quick property sale in the UK for cash can be one that Read more

Personalizing Your Rented Apartment

Personalizing Your Rented ApartmentIf you are new to Dubai, and are wondering about suitable temporary or short term accommodation, renting a hotel room or hotel apartment may be one the best ways to get started. Once your employment or stay is finalized, you will be able to look for an apartment on a longer term basis. Rental agreements are generally made or a six monthly or annual basis, and thankfully there are laws that limit the increase in rent Read more

Estate Sale

Estate SaleWhen a loved one passes on, one or more of his/her relatives may be charged with the duty of transferring ownership and possession of all of the belongings and net assets from the clothes and personal affects to the real estate. Legally, this can be very complicated and take years to resolve if the estate is sizeable. But, if there is a surviving spouse, then the process can be simplified if title to the property Read more

Five Tips That Will Help You Stage Your Home Properly

Five Tips That Will Help You Stage Your Home ProperlyIn a buyers market, appearance can sink or float your fledgling idea of finding a property buyer. Home staging-making your home look more appealing to buyers-is the way to go. Industry surveys done by bodies such as the National Association of Realtors and Zillow show that staged homes attract premium offers than those that are not staged. Selling your home today calls for innovative Read more

Lease Purchase Clauses – Maintenance, Repairs, Alterations

Lease Purchase Clauses - Maintenance, Repairs, AlterationsI’ve been a real estate investor for over thirty years and I love selling a house on a lease purchase.

I require the tenant to maintenance their property. If I ‘step in’ and arrange the maintenance, I’m getting paid ‘management’ fee to do so.

I do not allow ‘yard gyms’. If there is one at the house when I buy, the Seller must remove before I close. Sure as heck, if a child will get hurt, guess who get sued?

Bottom Read more

The Value of Property Management Services

The Value of Property Management ServicesIf you’ve recently purchased a property in Christchurch with the intention of renting it out, or perhaps you’re planning a long term trip overseas for work or pleasure, then the thought of utilising property management services for your real estate investment has probably crossed your mind. But you might not think that it’s necessary to use these services; after all, isn’t it just as easy to handle it yourself? Read more

Six Costs That Eat Up Profits When Flipping Properties

Six Costs That Eat Up Profits When Flipping PropertiesThe main reason I cannot get excited about the property-flipping strategies that are being taught today is that they are way too expensive. There are six costs involved in flipping a property that eat up profits just like a Florida sinkhole sucks up fill dirt:

Acquisition costs. Transaction costs. Closing costs. Repair costs. Holding costs. Sales costs. The truth of the matter is that investors Read more

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